• 2 x 35,000 square foot shop space, with 2 bays in each shop
 • Total Overhead Crane capacity of over 150 Tonnes and 24' Hook Height
 • 10,000 square feet lay down area for Trial-fit of multiple-tier skids
 • Over 20 Welding stations with MIG, TIG, SMAW, Flux-Core and Sub-Arc type welding
 • 20' wide x 24' tall bay doors
 • "State of the Art" Pipe Profiler with 40' conveyor, capable of cutting/beveling at high speeds, thereby drastically increasing pipe fabrication efficiencies
 • Robotic Welder capable of welding upto 48" diameter, both Carbon and Stainless Steel material 
 • Additional lifting capacity with Fork-lifts with capacities ranging from 4000 lbs, 6000 lbs and 36,000 lbs
 • Machinery skates with 250 ton capacity to assist with movement around the shop floor